Welch Allyn DS45 Pocket Sphygmomanometers
Welch Allyn DS45 Pocket Sphygmomanometer / Blood Pressure Machine
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Welch Allyn DS45 Pocket Sphygmomanometer / Blood Pressure Machine

5,000.00 4,499.00

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Welch Allyn DS45 Pocket Sphygmomanometer

Quick Overview of Sphygmomanometer 

This integrated-style gauge with its cuff-mounted design is compact and lightweight for patient comfort and ease of use. In use, the gauge rests on the outer part of the patient’s arm. With gear-free DuraShock™ technology, you can count on the robust design of the Welch Allyn DS45 Pocket sphygmomanometer Integrated Aneroid to remain in calibration longer than traditional aneroids, providing more accurate readings over time and a lower lifetime cost, helping to improve practice efficiencies and your bottom line.

Features of Sphygmomanometer 

  • Welch Allyn Ds45 Pocket sphygmomanometer has Gear-free DuraShock™ technology
  • This Bp Machine has Certified accuracy to +/- 3 mmHg
  • It has Unsurpassed reliability with a unique integrated, cuff-mounted design
  • It can withstand a 30″ drop, AAMI’s standard shock resistant requirement
  • Welch Allyn Ds45 Pocket Sphygmomanometer’s Gauge rotates 360º, for easy viewing from any angle
  • It Gauge snaps directly into the cuff for quick cuff changes
  • This Blood Pressure Machine has Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy
  • It has a 10-year calibration warranty
  • Sphygmomanometer has Latex-free for safety


Connects to EMR? No.

Product Warranty: TEN-YEAR WARRANTY


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