Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
LHMED Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor
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LHMED Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

2,899.00 1,399.00

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LHMED Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Description

Brand: LH Med
Colour: Blue
Power Source Type: Battery Powered


    1. ACCURATE MEASUREMENT : It has a Oscillography measurement method which ensures accurate readings of Blood Pressure.
    2. POWER SUPPLY: It has a dual power support which ensures the battery to be available all the time. (USB DC5V or 4pcs AAA  batteries).
    3. MEMORY STORAGE: It has a memory capacity of 2 users up to 99 readings each, so to have a proper analysis of blood flow.
    4. ARRHYTHMIA DETECTOR : This exclusive feature lets you know the heart is running in Rhythm or not. It tells immediately whether it is running too fast or too slow.

Product Specification

  1. Measurement Method : Oscillograph Measurement Method.
  2. Measurement Range : Pressure- 0~280 mmHg  (0kPa-37.3kPa).
  3. Pulse : 40~199 beats per minute.
  4. Accuracy : Pressure- Within ±3mmHg. Pulse- Within ±5%
  5. Resolution : 1mmHg(0.1kPa)
  6. Power Supply : USB DC5V or 4pcs AAA batteries.
  7. Operating Environment : 5 ~40°C. 15%RH~80%RH
  8. Weight : 410 Grams
  9. Dimensions : 130mm X 98mm X 58mm
  10. Accessories included : Cuff band, Manual

Steps of Use

  1. Sit down for at least 10 minutes before measuring.
  2. Place your elbow on a flat surface. Relax your hand with the palm facing up.
  3. Make sure the cuff is about the same height as the location of your heart.
  4. Press start/stop button to switch on/off of the monitor
  5. Remain still and do not talk or move during the measurement.
Weight 430 g
Dimensions 13.2 × 11.2 × 7 cm


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